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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Bitcogate has made some major developments to favour every member

Take a look at our new restructured BITCOGATE!!!

How it works
One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, predicted that the future of money is digital currency and that will be forced to operate Blockchain, in a little time the wise man's predictions unfolded. Everyone determined to make something of their future wanted to attain Bitcoins.
A lot of people have chosen MLM's for Bitcoins as a simple path to acquisitions of Bitcoins. You know MLM? That network that you have to sign up and start looking around for 2 or more people and those people you find have to look for another 2 or more people with your help and soon enough you become a friend of few and enemy to many...

Young internet entrepreneurs looked into this and concluded that it wasn’t right. After months of serious deliberation, they came up with Bitcogate.

Bitcogate is the first of its kind and a certain means of acquiring Bitcoin, with only 0.0203 BTC (±N10,000) you can in as little as 2 months make up to 320 BTC (±$320,000)

All it takes is 0.02 BTC to register. Our unique "ONE LINK" system means that you are not forced to recruit members under you, by just registering you will receive spillover members as well as donations from other members who join Bitcogate. The beauty of Bitcogate is also the absence of weekly/monthly account expiries. Once you are part of Bitcogate, your account will not expire. As long as you upgrade to each level appropriately, you can sit back and enjoy your journey to 320BTC without the stress of renewing your account for each level every week/month. Click here to register

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